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Platinum Membership

The LinkedUp Grand Rapids Platinum membership is designed to provide even more value than our free membership has to offer. In addition to discussions, promotions, and job listings that you'll find in our LinkedIn group as well as the blog, chat, events, pictures, and video on the website, LinkedUp Grand Rapids Platinum members will get the following additional benefits:

All these benefits are available at less than the cost of one business lunch per month! In fact, the first three benefits alone cover the cost of the Platinum membership.

The cost of a Platinum LinkedUp Grand Rapids membership is $120 per year. You may sign up using PayPal and pay $10 per month for 12 months.

Or, you may pay the entire $120 at once by clicking the "Buy It Now" button.

*Charter Platinum members (Those who signed up for Platinum membership in 2012) will be able to renew at the rate of $89 per year for the lifetime of their membership!


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